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NWC 2019 Masterclass Series

Wednesday 28 August, 2019

Whether you are a connoisseur or just starting out on your wine appreciation journey, our new NWC Masterclass Series aims to increase your knowledge and understanding of Australian wine in a fun and interactive setting. Each of our Masterclasses will focus on different wine varieties and regions, the wine making process and hints and tips to help you identify and understand the key characteristics in each drop.

Led by our Head Sommelier James Boden, expect to fine tune your taste buds as you are guided through a sensory interpretation of six different wines. Discover the contrasts between grapes of the same variety grown in different locations, how to pair them with food, the history of winemaking, wine variety trends and so much more. Finish with a bit of fun and intrigue by using the power of your nose and palate for a blind tasting in our Wined Bar.

Our new NWC Masterclass Series is sure to be entertaining and informative and take your love of wine to the next level. Classes run for approximately 2 hours and are held at the National Wine Centre. Bookings essential.


  • Sampling of 6 wines
  • Bonus blind tasting
  • Step by step tutorial through a sensory interpretation of each wine
  • Knowledge and experience of our head Sommelier
  • The advantages of a small group setting
  • Held in various locations throughout the stunning National Wine Centre

Nebbiolo, A discovery. Australia vs Italy I Wednesday 28 August 
6:00pm - 8:00pm I $50
Discover some shining examples of Australian wineries that are focusing on one of the greatest Italian grape varietals, Nebbiolo. For our first masterclass for 2019, discover some Australian wineries that are at the forefront of quality in Italian varietals and compare them against their Italian counterparts. Witness why Nebbiolo is such an amazing grape varietal as you are guided through a comparison of three Australian and three Italian examples.

Grenache A battle of the Valleys! Barossa vs Rhone I Wednesday 25 September I  6:00pm - 8:00pm I $50 For lovers of GSM, GMS and SGM blends while nothing is playing at the MCG or SCG we have the masterclass for you. Discover the Southern Rhone with three examples of Grenache blends as we compare them with three local examples from the Barossa Valley.

CHAMPAGNE FEST MASTERCLASSES Our champagne fest masterclasses are a must for those who love Champagne and want to learn more about this amazing region. Join our Sommelier, James and a panel of some of the best sparkling wine makers in Australia as we host two scintillating masterclasses

Champagne Fest: Grower Masterclass I Sunday 27 October
12:00pm - 12:45pm I $75
There are over 3,500 different Grower Champagne brands, with each solely making wine from the grapes they grow. We will shine the light on 6 different producers from various parts of Champagne from Agrapart to Pierre Peters.

Champagne Fest: Better late, than never I Sunday 27 October
2:00pm - 2:45pm I $95
Late Disgorgement or dégorgement tardif refers to the late release of a Sparkling wine with an extended time on lees. We will take you through some of our favourite L.D Champagnes and compare them with some local counterparts.

Is Chardonnay back in trend? A look at the best Chardonnay in Australia I Wednesday 27 November I  6:00pm - 8:00pm I $50 Chardonnay is one of those polarising wines but for those that love Chardonnay we will take a trip through some of Australia’s most recognised and well respected Chardonnay producers. From Adelaide Hills to Yarra Valley and a gem from Margaret River, this is not to be missed for Chardonnay lovers.

Aged Red Wine. Why bringing your best bottle to Christmas lunch is a bad idea I Wednesday 4 December I 6:00pm - 8:00pm I $50 Everyone has been in the situation where you bring a nice bottle to a Christmas lunch and an uncle or third cousin opens it up while your back is turned and polishes it off in a few sips. For those painful moments, we have the line-up of wines for you to enjoy without anyone else helping you. We will take you through some well-aged Aussie reds and discuss the wonders of why we age our wines.

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